The Malay Concordance Project  aims to help scholars to share resources for the study of classical Malay literature. Its main feature is a growing corpus of classical Malay texts, now comprising 165 texts and 5.8 million words, including 140,000 verses. These texts can be searched on-line to provide useful information about:
• contexts in which words are used,
• where particular terms or names occur in texts,
• patterns of morphology and syntax.

The site may be useful to those interested in Malay studies (including literature, history and culture) and linguistics.

Alphabetical as well as chronological lists of texts are available for searching. It is also possible to search for single words or complex conjunctions of words.

For copyright reasons, texts are not available for downloading as full texts. If search results from the MCP are being used in publications, the author must acknowledge the project in the footnotes and bibliography of their publication.