Symposium, 19 October 2013, Sophia University, Tokyo

Islam in Cultural Interactions: Manuscript Art, Stories, and Dress in Southeast Asia

This symposium features the cultural interaction of Southeast Asian Muslims from pre-modern times to the present and discusses the creation of new cultures and their transmission to other parts of the world. Southeast Asians have actively included elements of diverse cultures that have been introduced by foreign influences into their existing cultures, which have enriched them. The three lectures in the symposium discuss this issue from the viewpoints of manuscript arts, stories, and the dress of Southeast Asian Muslims.

The symposium demonstrates that the relationships between different cultures and religions have not always been antagonistic or accompanied by conflict, but rather that there have been many cases in which these interactions took place without animosity, leading to the peaceful coexistence of diverse cultures and religions and the enrichment of their spiritual and material cultures. In light of these Southeast Asian experiences, we will discuss the various ways in which Islamic cultures have interacted with other religions and cultures, reflect on the ways in which we have perceived and studied Islam and Muslims, and consider how we should do so in future.

Dr. Annabel Teh Gallop (British Library): “East and West: Cultural Interactions in Southeast Asian Islamic Manuscript Art
Dr. Sugahara Yumi (Osaka University): “The Isra’ Miraj Story in Southeast Asia
Dr. Shioya Momo (The University of Shimane Junior College): “Islamic Clothing and Identity in Contemporary Indonesia

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