Founded in 1968, SEALG was one of the first organisations supporting and enhancing the study of Southeast Asia in Europe. On occasion of the 50th anniversary of SEALG a special issue of the SEALG Newsletter has been published recently.

The contents of the Newsletter include:

Report of the SEALG Annual Meeting 2018, Leiden (by Holger Warnk and Doris Jedamski)

SEALG: Fifty years in 2018 (by Rahadi Karni)

My first SEALG annual conference and annual meeting (by Carina Enestarre)

Cremation volumes as a study of Thai society (by Preedee Hongsaton)

Kammavaca: How collectors’ tastes and curators’ choices shaped manuscript collections from SEA in the British Library (by Jana Igunma and San San May)

The making of Shan manuscripts: Ritual, art, and knowledge (by Jotika Khur-Yearn)

An Inventory of the Javanese paper manuscripts in the Mackenzie Collection, India Office Library, London, with a note on some additional Raffles mss (by  Donald E. Wetherbee, introduced by A. Gallop)

The newsletter can be viewed and downloaded for free from the SEALG homepage.