SEA Studies Symposium 2013 at University of Oxford

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The 2nd Annual Southeast Asian Studies Symposium will be held on 9-10 March 2013 at the University of Oxford.

Southeast Asia is a vitally important region of the world, and its most urgent issues are transregional and multidisciplinary in nature. Project Southeast Asia seeks to contribute to solutions to these issues by providing the Symposium as a platform for the dissemination, discussion, and debate of ideas.

The Symposium has three core aims:

  • To present solutions for contemporary Southeast Asian issues by bringing together the brightest minds from all fields and disciplines, and from around the world. Its core goal is to promote the integration of the humanities and social sciences with science, medicine, and business in order to create solutions which are effective, viable, and appropriate to culture and geography.
  • To build networks and relationships among current and future decision-makers in Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as connections among academia, government, NGOs, and business. Integral to the Symposium will be opportunities for Southeast Asian and European politicians, corporate leaders, academics, and NGOs to interact and build relationships.
  • To promote the research of the most talented academics of Southeast Asia and offer a platform for young academics to present their work.

The Symposium will also offer alternative opportunities outside formal panels. These include a room for group meetings/discussions/project debates; an area for the display of posters; and the screening of movies and staging of art or cultural performances. For further information, please view http://projectsoutheastasia.com/academic-events/sea-symposium-2013/call-for-panels or email symposium@projectsoutheastasia.com .

SEALG 2013 in Lisbon!

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The SEALG Annual Meeting 2013 will take place in Lisbon. Our proposal for a panel within the 7th EUROSEAS conference has been accepted! Thanks to Jana’s initiative and commitment, I should say.

The 7th EUROSEAS Conference will be held on 2- 5 July 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal. The complete list of the panels is available on http://www.euroseas.org. Our Panel is listed in group 9 – Theory, Area Studies and Science Studies.

Please check the EuroSEAS website (or the SEALG website and this blog) for regular updates regarding important developments. Jana and I will function as coordinators of the panel and hope to receive many abstracts of potential participants. But of course you can also attend without  giving a presentation yourself.  The final version of our panel with all the abstracts accepted will be published around end of December 2012.

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