Important news about the KITLV – Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology

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As of July 1st, 2014 the care of the collections of the KITLV will be transferred to the Leiden University Library (UBL). All books, periodicals, archives, photographs, maps and print collections etc. will be moved to the UBL buildings – situated just opposite the present location of KITLV. The acquisition of books and periodicals will in future be a task of the UBL, a steering committee consisting of representatives of the UBL, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and KITLV will oversee consistency.
The present reading room of KITLV will close on the date mentioned but it is hoped that about a week later requests for books, periodicals etc. can be fulfilled at the UBL building. A separate reading room for KITLV is planned and current periodicals and manuals will be available there. Within a few years the UBL plans to open an Area Studies Library with its own reading room, in which KITLV will be incorporated.
A large part of the present library staff of KITLV will have to be made redundant, the remaining staff will be employed by the UBL.
KITLV will continue as a research institute of the KNAW, located on the Leiden campus.
The management of KITLV’s Jakarta office will be taken over by the UBL. It will maintain its functions of acquiring books and periodicals published in Indonesia and of supporting the research institute.
These developments are in consequence of a retrenchment-, reorganization- and relocation- operation by KITLV’s parent organization, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam.

[Reported by RS Karni]

ASEASUK Conference 2014

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12th -14th September 2014

University of Brighton, Brighton, Sussex, UK

The 2014 ASEASUK Conference is being hosted at the University of Brighton’s Falmer campus five minutes from Brighton city centre and will include keynote addresses, workshops and performances, publishers fair and a conference dinner at Brighton Pavilion. The conference provides a first class opportunity to share research and network with established and early career scholars of South East Asia from across a wide range of academic disciplines in a convivial and friendly setting.


ASEASUK invites proposals for panels on any theme relating to South East Asian Studies. We encourage submissions from a wide range of disciplines and welcome the participation of early career scholars and those based in the South-East Asian region. Panel sessions will normally include five papers of 20 minutes each (including time for questions) or four papers and a discussant. Panel organisers are responsible for nominating a chair and (if required) a discussant for the panel. Heavily subscribed panels may run across two panel sessions.

Panel proposals should take the form of a panel outline of no more than 200 words, which will be published on the conference website and in the conference programme. Panel chairs are responsible for collecting paper abstracts from panellists. Paper abstracts should be no more than 200 words and must include a title, author affiliation and contact details. Your panel proposal should include your panel outline, name, affiliation and contact details of panel chair/s and submitted abstract authors. Please note that the focus of the conference is South East Asia so whilst there is no restriction on academic discipline, papers must be focused on countries of that region (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam).

Submit your panel proposal and abstracts to the conference committee (r.j.elmhirst@brighton.ac.uk) no later than 31 January 2014.

In publicising your panel, you are encouraged to use the ASEASUK mail list – if you wish to do this, send your panel proposal and your contact details to the conference organising committee by 30 November 2013 so these may be circulated widely.


The ASEASUK conference also includes an open panel for papers not affiliated to any particular panel. If you wish to submit a paper for consideration in the open panel, please send a 200 word abstract (with your affiliation and contact details) to the organising committee (r.j.elmhirst@brighton.ac.uk) by 31 January 2014.


Please note that to participate in the conference, you must be a member of ASEASUK. Membership gives you access to a number of privileges, including ASEASUK News, networking and early notification of funding opportunities. If you wish to register as a member, this should be done prior to conference registration. Check the ASEASUK website for details (www.aseasuk.org).

Online registration will open from December 2013 on the ASEASUK website (www.aseasuk.org)

Please contact us if you have any questions about panel organisation or abstract submission. We look forward to receiving your panel proposal and abstracts.

Important deadlines:

30 November 2013: deadline for sending panel CFPs for circulation via ASEASUK

December 2013: online registration opens on the ASEASUK website

31 January 2014: panel proposals and abstracts must be submitted

31 January 2014: paper abstracts for inclusion in open panels must be submitted

Conference organising committee:

Becky Elmhirst (University of Brighton) r.j.elmhirst@brighton.ac.uk

Matthew Cohen

Susan Conway

Janet Cochrane

SEA Studies Symposium 2013 at University of Oxford

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The 2nd Annual Southeast Asian Studies Symposium will be held on 9-10 March 2013 at the University of Oxford.

Southeast Asia is a vitally important region of the world, and its most urgent issues are transregional and multidisciplinary in nature. Project Southeast Asia seeks to contribute to solutions to these issues by providing the Symposium as a platform for the dissemination, discussion, and debate of ideas.

The Symposium has three core aims:

  • To present solutions for contemporary Southeast Asian issues by bringing together the brightest minds from all fields and disciplines, and from around the world. Its core goal is to promote the integration of the humanities and social sciences with science, medicine, and business in order to create solutions which are effective, viable, and appropriate to culture and geography.
  • To build networks and relationships among current and future decision-makers in Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as connections among academia, government, NGOs, and business. Integral to the Symposium will be opportunities for Southeast Asian and European politicians, corporate leaders, academics, and NGOs to interact and build relationships.
  • To promote the research of the most talented academics of Southeast Asia and offer a platform for young academics to present their work.

The Symposium will also offer alternative opportunities outside formal panels. These include a room for group meetings/discussions/project debates; an area for the display of posters; and the screening of movies and staging of art or cultural performances. For further information, please view http://projectsoutheastasia.com/academic-events/sea-symposium-2013/call-for-panels or email symposium@projectsoutheastasia.com .

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