22 – 24 April 2014 at the University of Sydney

The 12th International Conference on Thai Studies (ICTS12) will be held at the University of Sydney, Australia, over three days 22-24 April 2014. The International Conference on Thai Studies is held every three years, hosted alternately by Thai universities and universities outside of Thailand where there is an interest in Thai Studies.

The conference will cover all areas of Thai studies, including the humanities; the social sciences including economic, social and political disciplines; developments in medicine, science and technology; the fine arts, design and architecture; education; environment etc.
Special attention will be given to panels and presentations under the theme Thailand in the World. This theme will focus especially, but not exclusively, on:

  • the global spread of Thai culture: pan-Tai-ism;
  • the Thai diaspora especially in Europe, North America and Australasia;
  • the world in Thailand: the expatriate impact on Thailand; institutional change from outside;
  • Thailand in the coming Southeast Asian economic, social and cultural communities;
  • Thailand’s geo-political setting, with special reference to Myanmar, China and the Greater Mekong Sub-region;
  • Thailand within international communities of education, medicine and scientific and technological research;
  • Thai art and visual representation in an age of global circulation.

During the conference, there will also be a variety of exhibitions and presentations of cinema and art.

Details of the conference are at http://www.sydney.edu.au/thaistudies2014

The deadline for submission of abstracts of individual papers is 31 August – all offers must have been received online by 1 September 2013. Click here to submit your abstract online.

Please note that this is also the deadline for submission of final synopses of panels, final abstracts of panel presentations and final lists of panelists.

The Organising Committee reminds potential participants that there is scope at the Conference for the presentation of posters and video/film as well as for direct oral presentations. The deadline for the notification of poster and video/film proposals is 10 January 2014, but earlier submissions are of course welcome.

Prospective participants in the Conference should note that ‘super-early-bird’ registration is available until 30 November 2013 (click here to register).